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Mainline in the press… Solution to Dilema

Love the convenience of wireless connectivity but long for the high speeds of fixed network access?

Mainline presents the solution to this frustrating dilemma with the launch of its Premium Data Socket. This product bridges the gap between the flexibility of Wi-Fi technology and the reliability and speed of a fixed network point, providing users with the best possible coverage anywhere in their home or workplace.

The Premium Data Socket builds on the established Mainline Power system, an innovative power track that allows anyone to simply and safely move power sockets wherever they are needed along its length. Thanks to this latest development, users can now access the internet at any point on the track too. Using Powerline Technology, the design of the Premium Data Socket passes data through the Mainline Power track, forgoing the need for costly new wiring and tricky installations.

www.mainline.co.uk e www.yonos.pt em Portugal

Mainline in the press… Solution to Dilema

Mainline in the press… Solution to Dilema

Full article at http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/f0d1b66a#/f0d1b66a/36